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Wine Ceremony: Symbolic Rituals You Can Include in Your Ceremony

Like many symbolic rituals, a wine ceremony is a lovely representation of the uniting of a couple in marriage. It can also be inclusive to parents or siblings, welcoming them to the new family that’s being created. It tends to be less popular than sand or unity candle ceremonies, but no less romantic! Depending on how you choose to perform it, it can have a really deep, personal meaning, and be a perfect addition to your wedding ceremony.

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What is a Wine Ceremony?

A wine ceremony is a ritual that involves the sharing of wine by the couple getting married. It symbolises the commitment of the newlyweds, and their dedication to each other, their future and the values that are important to them. Wine can be both bitter and sweet, so a wine ceremony reminds you that, no matter what ups and downs you face in life, you can get through them together.

How Can We Make a Wine Ceremony Our Own?

The ceremony usually involves wine, of course! But, as with any humanist wedding element, you can change this to reflect your own partnership. If you prefer gin, tequila or even a fancy IPA, you can incorporate it into your “wine” ceremony. After all, the ceremony is about the symbolism, not the drink.

The ceremony can be performed in a number of ways:

  • You each have a glass of wine, and take turns drinking from each other’s glass. You can use wine from a single bottle, or choose individual vintages. If you have a preference, this can work well; drinking a white when you prefer red could symbolise your willingness to compromise with your partner, or try things their way.

  • You share a single cup, each drinking from it in turn. This is a lovely metaphor for teamwork as a married couple; you will share and work together in all things.

  • You can combine the wine ceremony with a water ceremony. The process of mixing two glasses of wine represents the unity of your marriage.

  • You can include your parents, siblings or friends in your wine ceremony. It can be a perfect way to symbolise the welcoming of each partner into their new spouse’s family.

  • You could incorporate your wine ceremony into a memory box. Store the wine with letters to each other, and other keepsakes, to revisit at a later anniversary. Drinking the wine will remind you of your wedding day and the promises you made

The glasses you choose are also completely up to you. You can select traditional wine glasses, tumblers, or even metal goblets or tankards! Your imagination is the only restriction.

You can incorporate a wine ceremony into the speaking of your vows, or have it at the end of your ceremony, to toast the beginning of your marriage. Some couples choose to begin with the wine, to settle their nerves! Either way, it’s entirely up to you when and how you decide to have the ritual, and your celebrant can help you explore unique ideas that perfectly reflect your hopes and plans for married life.

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