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Water Ceremony: Symbolic Rituals You Can Include in Your Wedding Ceremony

It can be difficult to decide on a symbolic ritual for your wedding ceremony. If your guests have never been to a humanist wedding before, you might be worried about it feeling too "weird" or "out there". Happily, most symbolic rituals are all about bringing people together, and the water ceremony is no exception!

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What is a water ceremony?

A water ceremony, like a unity candle ceremony, is a ritual that symbolically represents the joining of a couple in marriage. Each of you will pour water (either clear or dyed different colours) into a single vessel. It’s perfect for outdoor weddings, as you won't risk a candle flame blowing out!

Water ceremonies start with three vessels – one for each partner, and the larger, communal vase or glass. You will take turns pouring water into the communal vase, and the mixing of the water visually represents the union of two partners into one partnership.

During the ritual, you can make promises or affirmations to each other, I celebrant can read a poem or piece of prose that reflects the symbolism behind the ceremony, or you can simply have music playing in the background. A water ceremony can be incorporated into the wedding proceedings in front of your guests, or performed afterwards, in private.

How can we make a water ceremony unique to us?

The water can be coloured to really enhance the visual metaphor of joining together. If you select colours that mix well, like pink and blue, the blending of each shade will produce a beautiful purple that really represents the complementary nature of your relationship. Of course, you should make sure that your colours WILL blend nicely together -- there's nothing worse than the two colours mixing to create a murky brown or dull grey! You can avoid this risk by sticking to clear water, or practising a few times before the ceremony so you have the shades just right.

You can really make the ceremony your own through your choice of vessel – vases, jars, cups or bottles can be used, whatever looks visually appealing or has a special meaning to you. You can also combine a water ceremony with a wine ceremony, and use your favourite tipple as the liquid you blend.

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Water ceremonies are perfect if you're looking to symbolically represent your commitment to your partner, and it is a visually stunning ceremony to enact. Water ceremonies are dynamic and emotive, with a little bit of wow factor. Ask your celebrant about a water ceremony, and start planning!

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