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The best thing about humanist ceremonies is, they're completely customisable! If a traditional wedding isn't what you're looking for, I can help you create a ceremony that's perfect for you.


Do you want to get married but can’t face all the fuss a big wedding brings? Do you fancy an intimate wedding, just you and your partner? Did COVID-19 spoil your plans and now you just want to be married?! An elopement might be for you!

Whether you want a legal ceremony or a symbolic representation of your commitment, I can help you achieve your elopement dreams.


If you have a short timescale, get in touch ASAP to check availability – weddings are booked up to two years in advance, but I will do my very best to accommodate you. All you’ll need to do is make sure there’s enough time to get your marriage license (if you're having a legal ceremony).

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Commitment Ceremonies

If you like the idea of sealing your commitment with your partner, but don’t want to “get married,” commitment ceremonies are a lovely alternative to a legal marriage ceremony. Your marital status won’t change, but you will have the experience of affirming your love and dedication to your partner, and sharing that with whomever you choose.

You can have all the same features of a humanist wedding ceremony, just without the register signing at the end. 

If your marriage is creating a blended family, a commitment ceremony is a beautiful way to cement the relationships between step-parents and children, and make family promises together alongside the marriage vows.

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Vow Renewals

If you're a couple who would love to reaffirm your love, celebrate a milestone anniversary, or just do it differently from the first time round, I'd be happy to help! You might have a lifetime of happy memories to draw on, or maybe you've had children since your wedding and would like to include them in a new ceremony. 

Whatever the reason, a vow renewal is a beautiful way to celebrate your relationship and affirm your commitment to your partner.  Since you're already legally married, you might want to do things completely differently from your first ceremony. Whether that's a massive celebration with all your family and friends, or bit more low key, sticking to a traditional structure or getting creative! I'd be delighted to help you create a vow renewal that is as special as you are.

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Celebration Ceremonies

Celebration ceremonies are a great option if you got married abroad, and want to share your happiness with those who couldn’t travel with you, or if you eloped but want a bigger celebration later.

Civil ceremonies can now be converted into legal marriages, too, so a celebration ceremony would be a lovely way to affirm your relationship as a legal marriage.

It can be a formal event, with all the same features of a marriage ceremony, or a more casual event, with simple affirmations. 

Whatever the reason, a celebration ceremony can be adapted and personalised to suit your needs. 

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If you would like to have a no-obligation chat about your ceremony, I'd love to hear from you!

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“A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.”

Andre Maurois

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